30 March

McTucky Fried High Screened at the Atlanta Film Festival

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McTucky Fried High, the creation of former TVLab Fellow Robert Carnilius, is screening at the Atlanta Film Festival on April 5th. “McTucky Fried High tackles subjects absent in mainstream cartoons. While foregrounding LGBTQ characters, McTucky focuses on issues like coming out, body positivity, bullying, feminism, race, religion and more.” The series in its second season. […]

25 March

Pichaske Crowd-Funds for Wounded Zuluhoops Star

TV Lab Director Kristin Pichaske was nearly done editing her feature documentary Zuluhoops last spring when she received a troubling email.  One of the key people in the film, a young man named Khulekani Mthembu, had been attacked on his way home from work in Durban, South Africa by a stranger with a machete.  Unable to get prompt […]